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3 Watt Cree Dual Row

Lighting kits are hot this year. Look at our line of Zero Dark Lighting for large lumens in small packages. See better, be safer and add that edge to your truck, SUV -- or car.

5 Watt Cree Single Row

Low profile, single-row light bars are packed with power and really deliver a punch.

10 Watt Cree Single Row

Coming soon.

We proudly sell: Zero Dark Lighting

NEW PLASMA Headlights

These bulbs utilize the original lighting fixture

and won't damage your car's lighting.

- Putco Lifetime Guarantee

-  Super Low Power Consumption

-  High Power LEDs

-  Brightest LED Bulb on the Market

-  50,000 Hour - Lifetime Warranty

-  Features new "Flat LED" technology

We proudly sell: Putco


LED Lights

• Custom designed aluminum tower

• High-power Philips Lumileds with

4000 Lumens light output on dual

filament high beam operation at 6500K

• Clockable collar which allows you to

adjust the light beam

• Features Putco’s exclusive patented,

100% copper weave cloth heat-sink.

• Smaller and fully enclosed driver and

harness assembly

• 2 Year Warranty


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